London Computing Education Research Symposium

The 2018 LCERS is now over! Here are some links to the conference booklet and presentations

The London Computing Education Research Symposium is an annual event held by the interdisciplinary Computing Education Research Centre at King’s College London (

The next LCERS will be held in June 2019.  This one-day computing education research symposium enables the sharing of a range of innovative academic work in this broad field. The purpose of the conference is to bring together academics, researchers, students and teachers who are interested in computing education.

Our keynote speakers in 2018 were Professor Ralf Romeike and Carrie-Anne Philbin.

Professor Ralf Romeike, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg

From technical to didactical innovations in the computer science classroom: Understanding and creating (with) Computer Science

In Computer Science, continuous scientific developments harbour significant potential for the further development of teaching computing at schools. By presenting several research projects, the talk will discuss approaches for harnessing the possibilities of new topics, methods, and tools for better teaching and learning in the CS classroom.

About Ralf

Ralf is Professor for Didactics of Informatics at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg in Bavaria. His research interests include the use and encouragement of creativity in computer science education, and the use of agile methodologies. In 2012 he established the international conference WIPSCE, which is unique in focuing on primary and secondary computing.

Carrie Anne Philbin, The Raspberry Pi Foundation
Challenging diversity in computer science one 30-minute presentation at a time

STEM subjects in education have traditionally been dominated by middle-class white men. How can we create a more inclusive classroom to stop students from a more diverse background dropping subjects like computer science in KS3?

 About Carrie Anne

Carrie Anne is the Director of Education at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the Chair of CAS Include, a Computing At School
group to support inclusion and diversity in computing in school. She was recently voted the 3rd most influential woman in UK IT in 2017 by Computer Weekly.


The theme for the first year of the conference is Computing for All and we have a range of presentations and posters under the following themes:

  • Removing barriers to computing education
  •  Computing for all ages
  •  Motivation and interest in computing
  • Equity and inclusion in computing
  • Gender balance and computing
  • Computing around the world
  • Learning, teaching and assessment of programming
  • Tools and techniques for teaching Computing
  •  Pedagogical approaches to making Computing accessible
  •  Implications of mandatory computing

Conference proceedings will be published at the event and authors of abstracts will be encouraged to write up their abstracts as a full paper.