This page is for those participating in LCERS and includes instructions for both those presenting (8) and posters (15)


You will have 15 minutes to give your presentation. You may use powerpoint or an online presentation. We do have sound but please warn us first. HDMI and VGA adaptors are available, and we will provide a clicker. We will give you timing warnings.

The LCER symposium is intended to be interactive, so after each presentation, we will have 5 minutes discussion in small groups, where the audience will think of questions to ask you, followed by 5 minutes of questions.

Your final abstract will appear in the conference proceedings, a booklet that you will be given when you arrive. We will also ask you for permission to publish this on the King’s College London website. You may wish to follow up this event by writing up your abstract as a full paper for a journal.




  • A poster should be printed in A1 or A0 (for our purposes A1 is best but you want A0 just let me know).
  • A poster is like an infographic – a visual representation of your research, with some text, graphs and pictures. It is something you can take away and display in your university/school later on!
  • Please include your name, institution, title of your poster as well as details of your research/ideas.
  • Examples can be found here

How to tackle the poster

  • Take your 600 word abstract, improve as per your review, then divide into sub-headings. You shouldn’t need any extra text
  • Use the structure: What the problem is, (what have other people done if you have access to any literature), What you planned, How you implemented it, What happened, What was the outcome, what you will do next.
  • This may more tidily be titled as The problem, Aim of study, Methodology, Results, What next?, Conclusion or Summary, References. If you didn’t do anything but are writing about a plan or an idea then use appropriate sub-headings to describe the background to your idea


  • If you can get the posters sent to me as Powerpoints (or other slide presentation format!) or PDFs by 31st May we will get these printed out for you
  • If not, please bring on the morning of the 11th and we will mount for you.